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Arc Engine - Realistic platform system

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So I went back to my game after a long hiatus, and I'd like to know how I can make my character's sprite change when he is in the air. (A "jumping" position if you will.) Using this Arc Engine of course. I tried a conditional branch for the jump button, but if I keep holding the button after jumping my character will run around in the jump position. And if he lands on a platform before 30 frames have passed the jump position stays until that is done (I have it set to change for 30 frames).


If there is a simple event code I can add into the script that would be great.

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@AzureFlame1997: Due to me being pretty busy lately I don't have time to read back about the "previous problem" I was having with the script. Which problem is it that you're referring to?


@FTG64: Eventing would probably be the best solution to making a jump graphic for your character. I'll have to think on the issues for a bit though. I know that I have done something to fix the press and hold issue for another thing I did in the past. It would involve a variable or two and a couple switches if I remember right. I'd have to go back into the previous project and look at how I did it. But then I could post i and let you know. As far as the wait time to change the graphic... I'd have to think about that one. Off the top of my head I can't think of any solution to that problem. But I'll be brainstorming and if something comes to mind I'll comment when I add the way fix the press and hold problem.


@lazzyydogg1212: I'm not sure if there is a script call to be able to permanently change the jump height. I know there's the script call to make the player jump higher when they're on a spring. Maybe that could somehow work with a bit of eventing? You'd just need to play around with it a bit. Just so you don't have to go looking for it, here is the script call to make the player jump

f = (Input.press?(:X) ? 1200 : 700)

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Is it possible to make the psychic editor to automatically label full-transparent tile as passable in the editor, anything un-passable (from tileset) as unpassable (red square) and anything semi-passable would be on the user to mark it. It would save a lot of work. Or maybe using regions to mark it on the map.


And if this is impossible (I guess it is), is possible to save the map in editor half-way done and load it later? As of now, it loads the map completely red (unpassable) every time. So for larger maps, it is quite a lot of work not to mention redoing anything on the map forces you to change the whole psychic as you can't exactly know if that part is impossible to pass.


And I hope this question isn't too much off the topic but are there any other platformer scripts similar to this one? I know there is one for VX and one (Japanese If I remember right) for MV. I own only VX Ace.


Thanks for answers.

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