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Party Graphics

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Party Graphics



This script allows you to set events and graphics based on party member formation.


It uses placeholder images to determine which party member to use.


















To set an event's graphic by party formation, create some blank images and name them "party1", "party2", ... and put them in your Graphics/Characters folder


To set a text box's face graphic by party formation, create blank images with the names "party1", "party2", ... and put them in your Graphics/Faces folder


The indices are one-based so 1 refers to the first member of the party, 2 refers to the second member, and so on. If the index is greater than the number of players in your party, it is the same as selecting no graphic.


When you are selecting your graphic, you should pick the appropriate placeholder image.




This script uses Game_Party#members and assumes it returns an array of Game_Actor objects. If you are using a script that changes this functionality, or perhaps leaves holes in the array, this may not behave as expected.

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