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ILurota's XP to VX Ace characters

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NOTE: These are not my characters

:P , I just transfer them from XP to VX



RPG Maker XP RTP to VX Ace (8 Character Sprites)


SRY cuz of green ones, had to recolor them





RPG Maker XP RTP to VX Ace (Single Characters, Before you import these their names must start with "$")











Edited some more (8 character sprites)






Single Characters (Before you import these their names must start with "$")






I found these already transfered from XP to VX on web






Soon gonna upload more


Edited by iLurota

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Whoaa, you're very nice to convert it manually. Thanks anyway. look forward for the non-RTP characters ;)

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Quick question:


First, good job. Next, are the character sprites resized to be more like Mack-style? In other words, they look a bit smaller than XP, but still larger than VX, but it could be my perspective. Second, I thought you only needed the $ for single sprite sheets. Maybe I misunderstood.


Edit: Ah, the $ was for the upcoming charsets, so never mind. I read it wrong.

Edited by amerk

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Good work! I can actually use XP characters in my game already using a script but still good job on this. ;)



So this can all work with VX Ace? Not just xp?

Yes they will work with VX Ace but not XP.

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Thank you so much!  I have been going crazy looking for Minotaur sprites and other monster ones and fretting about resizing sprites for my project.  With these, it makes things so much easier!  Thank you SO much!


Btw, are there face sets to go with some of these?

Edited by Guardinthena

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