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"Two hearts,

one soul,

one sacrifice."

Eternal Bond : Chains of Fate--a high fantasy JRPG style game!

Demo version 1.1 is out!

Expect the demo to be about an hour's length!



Download the demo.

Demo v.1.01


I apologize for the large file size... this will be dramatically reduced in the next release.

With RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/?ry8a3t8frvgar2h

Download this if you don't have RPG Maker VX Ace installed.

Without RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/?zdw7p6mhxfzj6zd

Download this if you have RPG Maker VX Ace installed (faster download).

Known issues: Game-breaking, Moderate, Minor
- Hang after second grave scene
- Some battle transition lag
- Sophie should not be able to learn Blind
- Vaughn drops Cygnus V3 if you don't say "Yes", fight and win the first time
- Target Arrow glitch when changing targets
- "Help" should be on A, not S.


Demo v.1.1

EDIT: Missing resource problem in RTP version fixed (hopefully).


With RTP: http://bit.ly/ZpEcR3

Download this if you don't have RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed.

Without RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/?w3hbrp4xak9ehwf

Download this if you have RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed.


Known Issues: Gamebreaking, Moderate, Minor

- Target Arrow glitch when changing targets

Changelog: Big Change, Moderate, Minor
- Added scene.
- Added more rewards for talking to certain NPCs with certain characters.
- World Map revamped.
- Added three more available locations.
- Game size dramatically cut.
- Bugs fixed (total 14)
- Added Escape command.
- Added tutorials for Equipment and Proficiencies.
- Proficiency base stat boosts improved.
- Bosses were strengthened.
- Added more treasure to find.
- Battles removed from World Map.




In a far off island to the west of the conflicted continent of Arcia, lies a small village called Corise.

There, a boy was found on the shores, with his memory a blank slate.

He was helped. A young girl named Seria, who had devoted her life to others, had offered him to stay in her home.

Shortly after, she was found dead.

Attacked by a mob of fiends, the townspeople had said.

In a wreck, the boy did not know what to do.

But after making a few friends in Corise, his decision was to stay.

Though his past had remained a mystery, he has decided to follow Seria's piece of advice.

"You should just forget about the past... You are who you are now."

But a haunted soul cannot rest in peace...

How long can the boy stay in Corise?

Will he recover his memories?

Or will he be forget himself and be forgotten in the void of eternity?




The world of Eternia was not cut for peace.

In the bitter past, endless wars ravaged the land, time and time again.

The gods, angered by human ignorance, bestowed peace upon the land...

At a price.

The race of humans were wiped out, and recreated.

But peace born of fear does not last.

As technology advances again, the tension begins anew.




Characters that are developing:

Reyson-2.png Reyson - Age 17
The main protagonist of the story. Day by day, despair slowly starts to cripple him. He is told that one day he will recover his memory, but he is uncertain. He always remembers what Seria had told him, but there's a small part of him that doesn't want to forget. Reyson has excellent reflexes and is a natural adept with magic, which is rare in people who haven't undergone magical training. His element alignment appears to be that of darkness.

Personality : Reyson doesn't talk much unless required. He tries to talk more often, but verbal communication is one thing that he hates.
Class : Slayer


- Versatile
- High Magic
- High Agility


- Mediocre HP and Strength
- Low defense
- Limited element selection

Actor37_zpsb09223fd.png Sophie - Age 15
Reyson's closest friend. Sophie is a quirky girl who likes to do what she wants. She can be (and usually is) an airhead, but no one really blames her for being young and naive. Over the past years, she's made "connections" and started getting various gadgets shipped in. Recently, she got into using guns. Surprisingly enough to Reyson, she is actually skilled at employing random techniques; she can enchant bullets to be more powerful or to cause them to inflict various status effects. Sophie's element alignment is Earth.

Personality : Sophie is a very sociable person, and talking is usually the first thing she does, if not for a long time.
Class : Ranger


- Versatile
- Very high Agility


- Average HP and Strength
- Not much of a spellcaster

Mika-2.png Mika - Age 16
A mysterious girl who saves Reyson and Mika in Silent Woods. Her skill with magic is amazing, as Sophie describes it, being able to control the elements of Water and Thunder, as well as Healing magic. Sophie wonders what other fancy things she could be hiding?

Personality : Mika doesn't like talking about herself, although she is very interested in others.
Class : Conjurer


- Very high magical attributes.
- Hybrid caster.


- Very slow
- Bad HP and Strength
- Unlucky

Characters with only rough ideas:


Actor29_zpsfbaeadc6.png Lyn - Age 19
Lyn is a girl who has a strange gift in magic. She chooses to use whips as her fighting weapon. Lyn often travels around in mercenary bands, healing wounds. Her element alignments are Light, Thunder, and Healing magic. She also has a variety of supporting magic.

Personality : Likes to help people, and can sometimes get carried away.
Class : Omniknight


- Balanced stats
- High defense
- Spellcaster


- Very slow
- Mediocre Strength

Marcia.png Catria - Age 18
The princess of the kingdom of Seryn. She is an adept at piercing armor with thin rapiers.

Personality : She tries to take responsibility for everything that happens. Sometimes, she's a little naive.
Class : Heroine


- Balanced stats, well-rounded
- Can pierce armor


- Somewhat low HP
- Somewhat one-dimensional

Actor72_zps0c97e2db.png - Age 23
The general of the kingdom of Seryn. He was always a very talented swordsman.

Personality : Friendly and charismatic.
Class : General


- Very high physical stats
- Battlefield tank


- Bad magical attributes
- Not too many purposes

Actor41_zpsf9430f2b.png Kieran - Age 24
A paladin who travels with mercenaries to hone his skill with both the lance and magic. His element alignment is Fire and Healing. He also has a wider array of supportive magic than Lyn.

Personality : (Not yet)
Class : Paladin


- Good physical stats
- Very high defense
- Fire element
- Versatile


- Rather mediocre Magic and MP
- Somewhat slow

Aleria-1.png Alleria - Age 22
A master archer who lived in the treacherous Frostspring Valley. Ever since befriending Kieran, she's been travelling with him. Her magic element alignment is Ice. Alleria can cast a wide array of spells ranging from damage to status effects and support.

Personality : Cold.
Class : Marksman (Markswoman? 0_o)


- Fairly good attack power
- Balanced offensive attributes
- Ice element
- Versatile


- Low defense; glass cannon
- Hard to focus on one area

Actor4_zpsaa953757.png Corrine - Age 21
An adventurer that is always fascinated by ruins and architecture. She's sometimes mistaken for an archaeologist. Corrine uses Manablades, a special sword that can be easily imbued with magic, to fight enemies with various elements, including Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Light.

Personality : (Not yet)
Class : Myrmidon


- Strong elemental control
- Balanced offensive attributes


- Lacks specialization
- Weak crowd control

Actor19_zpse174a1d0.png Vaughn - Age 20
As a self-proclaimed legend, Vaughn is a bounty hunter who always has his eyes on women. He is short-tempered tends to take things the wrong way. Vaughn fights with a gun and employs powerful gun techniques that range from inflicting status effects to dealing a hefty amount of damage.

Personality : (Not yet)
Class : Brawler


- Good attack power
- Useful techniques


- Somewhat one-dimensional







Skits are very... draining. <_< Though I'll be aiming for a lot of them!
Battle system - Victor's Animated Battle with Ao No Kiseki battle! Sexy target arrow and Kaduki sprites!
Vaughn, the little trouble maker...
Who ironically loses in battle!?
Gab system!
I like free healing.

Depending on your leading actor, you can get different scenes and possibly different rewards for talking to certain NPCs!


There will be a lot of puzzles in the game! They're fun to make and fun to do!

You can probably find anything anywhere if you tried... maybe.
You better start fishing through every single NPC house, because there's something to find in every one!

I'll put more screenshots if you want me to!




Proficiency System : Change a character's proficiency to slightly alter stats and change the way their stats grow!

Get lost a lot? Press A to get a quick line about where to go next!
Final Fantasy IX's Equip menu!
Learning skills from equipment with AP!

NOTE : This section is incomplete still under construction. ._.




For Scripts

Hanzo KImura
Mr. Bubble
Saba Kan
Victor Sant
William Couillard

For Graphics

Dkpwner (REK)
Lexus -LPE-
Square (Enix)
Victor Sant


For Audio

Atsushi Kitajoh
Hibiki Aoyama
Junya Nakano
Masashi Hamauzu
Mitsuto Suzuki
Motoi Sakuraba
Naoshi Mizuta
Nobuo Uematsu
Noriko Matsueda
Ryota Koduka
Shoji Meguro
Shunsuke Tsuchiya
Takahito Eguchi
Yasunori Mitsuda
Yui Makino
Yuki Harada
Yuki Kajiura




Special Mentions



Evan L.



Support Eternal Bond!

Feedback or comments would be great! :)

Fun facts:

Hours spent working (roughly): 1200
Estimated work complete: 6.6%

Edited by Anderson88

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Ohh I think The second screenshot is like a skit in tales games (where there is a private conversation between certain party member), is it right? Cause I love it :3

And I love free healing too (it's nice when there is a healing spot near the boss hehe).

Anyway your mapping look good, your story is also good.

Good luck on your project~~~

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Not to worry just expand your imagination as farther as you could, and if you stuck at story try to read some story or maybe looking around or maybe sleeping (sometime you can get inspiration from your dream :P).

I happen to like to write too and my ideas pop out often when I'm not in front of my computer so I always write it down somewhere~

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Yeah, I looove getting ideas from games, but they're always really hard to like... get in there, so I've decided to use... some story elements.

I feel like I'm sort of ripping off Tales of Graces here, with the flower meadow and Sophie stuff xD

Maybe I SHOULD try sleeping, but my dreams... sux. :(

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Ohh I don't know if you don't tell me that Sophie name came from Tales of Graces :D

I said it's alright to get some ideas from game that you like but added with originality that you have and voila it'll be more awesome.

When first thought about my game project I have to decide what it is will be about so it'll not go stray from it and I develop my story from that story base.

I don't know though about how you write your story since everyone have their own methods of writing.

Don't worry I too don't have any experience at this since this is the first time I making a game, so simply said wish you luck ~

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Hey, nice seeing youe project.


The story sounds fine so far. I guess having a hero wake up somewhere with lost memory is really cliché, but you could also call it classic. If it has interesting twists and turns later on, it is fine. (as long as he's not 'the chosen one')

Your characters also seem fine, while the main character is a bit of a platypus (fighter, magician, thief - skills, he can do it all?) But the side charcters sound fun and look sweet.

Your mapping is also decent, could use some more details, like small object, plants e.g. on the outdoor screens.


I'm looking forward to hear and see more of your game as you progress.

Have fun

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Thank you for your feedback! :)

Reyson can fight and use magic, but he'll have to lean towards one area to get maximum efficiency. :3


I'll have to get working on that demo today xD

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Thanks :)

This is actually getting kinda hard to make everything make sense... I'm planning on changing things up (a lot), as a few of my friends have said it's... weird.


Also, you can refer to this fantastic guide http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=54707

I just used a whole bunch of picture commands to make it look... like that! xD

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If I had a penny for every RPG Maker game named Eternal then I would be a very rich man.


Anyways this project looks good. I am very impressed with your mapping skills. Good mappers always inspire me to make better maps.

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Oh my goodness, this game looks amazing la.gif

Will have to try it.


More screenshots!

Edited by DP3

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The world is called Eternia? does it have the masters of the universe?anyway this game looks quite amazing,following this :D

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Thanks for your positive and inspiring comments! :)

Masters of the universe...? xD


Bump - Fresh batch of screenshots added!







Edited by Anderson88

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I have had a chance to play though a little bit of this game, so far it's fun didn't get very far but I'm 400 miles away from home right now so naturally I couldn't continue playing quite yet but I'll continue on when I return home.

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Thanks for the effort! :)

I hope you can finish soon and grant me some feedback! :D


Edit: Though there is a glitch that's gamebreaking about 85% through the demo (which cuts off anyways), so I'll be re-uploading a longer (slightly), more balanced and bug fixed (more so) demo today.

Edited by Anderson88

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I ended up playing this for something close to 5 minutes before I forced myself to stop playing.

I really enjoy it thus far in fact you can clearly see the effort put into the game almost as soon as you begin.


Thus I'm more inclined to want to do this for you.

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Thank you so much everyone! :)


DP3, I'd love it if you could do that! Though I'll want to fix a few problems and stuff before I release one that's better bug-tested! xD

It'll be up very soon!

Edited by Anderson88

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