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Reverse Time

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Reverse Time



This script simulates time reversal during battle.

It basically undo's the results of actions performed in previous turns, so things like


-restoring lost HP from HP damage

-restoring lost MP from MP damage

-removing added states (come back to life)

-removing buffs


This currently does not undo ACTIONS (so you won't get your MP back from skill usage, and you won't unconsume an item), nor does it undo any states, bonuses, and anything else that was applied through events.


Maybe in the future it will be possible to undo more things.




A single script call


For some integer n that is the number of turns you want to reverse.




Script: Download here

Required: Action History




Undoing an action shouldn't be too hard, since I have a reference to the action being used. However there are some complications when a single action attacks multiple targets.

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Awesome! This would make for a great spell that can be used in battle.

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If this gets to undo more stuff then it will work perfect with the retry battle from Game Over with choices by regendo!

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