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Skill Levels





This script will serve as a base script for all skill level related stuff.

All it does is add some logic for storing skill levels and accessing them.


Note that this script doesn't provide anything special and doesn't provide a way to increase skill levels through things like battle. Will need another script for that.




Tag your actor with


<init_slv: skill_id level>

<init_slv: 1 5> # skill 1 starts at level 5
To set the initial level of that skill


<max_slv: skill_id level>

<max_slv: 1 10> # skill 1 can only go up to level 10
To set the max level of that skill


To increase the level of a skill explicitly, you can use the actor methods


For example, to increase the skill level of skill 3 for actor 1, you would make a script call




Script: Download here

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I'm not sure if this will help, [because it got in the way of the Runic Enchantment Script], but the Equipment Levels Up Script may help you work some things out http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=VFRfmB6w


If it could work like that script works for equipment, you could have the option the level your skills via AP or EXP


The Skills can gain power, such as altering the Damage Formula, and increasing the amount of MP Needed.


I am using a Skill Level Up Script, but it only works based on usage.
I'd like to Combine the two, like have Fire go to lvl 10, and have the usage script roll it over to Fire 2 lvl 1, and so on.


But of course, I'm only an idea man, I have no real scripting skills, so idk if all this is even possible, but it's an idea...

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Is there a way to use the Skill Level as a conditonal branch?


For example if Water slvl=>3 you can put out fires on the map through eventing

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Yes. If you're on the map, then you might want to check whether the leader's water skill level is high enough

You would use a scripted conditional branch

$game_party.leader.slv(i) >= 3

As long as you have an actor object you can check its skill level.

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