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Effect: Devour



This script adds a devour effect to your item/skills, allowing you to "eat" an enemy. When you devour an enemy, it will trigger a "devour effect" if the enemy has one.




Script: Download here

Required: Effect Manager




Tag your item/skill with


<eff: devour>
To give it the devour effect.


Tag enemies with


<devour: n>
For some integer n to specify the devour effect. You can define your own devour effects by adding entries to the Devour Table in the config and defining a new method for your effect in Game_Battler. An example has been given.


Possible effects include

-recovering HP/MP/TP

-adding/removing state

-stat increases


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Kirby and Yoshi approve this script :P


I like this one. It could add a whole new mechanic for one of your "chompy" characters.

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It also demonstrates how trivial it is to make it so that a single skill's effect can be different depending on who your target is.


If this were to be implemented in a GUI, it would be similar to setting up effects on a per-enemy basis for each skill's effects.


So someone wanted a skill that would heal allies if an ally was targeted and damage enemies if an enemy was targeted? Well, just define separate methods for Actor and Enemy and go from there.

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