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Effect: Strip Equip

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Effect: Strip Equip



This script adds "Strip Equip" effect to your item/skills.

When a battler is attacked with this effect, there is a chance that a random piece of equipment is removed.




Script: Download here

Required: Effect Manager




Tag your item/skill with


<eff: strip_equip chance x1 x2 x3 ...>
chance is the percent chance of success, as a float

x1, x2, x3, ... are integers representing etype ID (eg: 0 is weapon, 1 is shield, ...)

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So if I wanted it to be 100% of the time and the move is Disarm to remove weapons, would it be

<eff: strip_equip 1.0 x0>

because that isn't working for me

Oops, forgot to save before testplay.


In terms of scripts and their compatibility with Effect Manager, Strip Equip could also be achieved by applying a 1-turn state that seals certain equipment types.

So if you're using a mid-battle equip script, naturally you won't be able to change equipment until the turn is over. So you could have a skill, Disarm, that adds a state that seals Weapons for a turn.

If you're using that system where each player is allowed to act automatically in order, then my solution won't work.

So what you can also do is have it so that Disarm adds the state "Seal Weapons", and it removes that same state "Seal Weapons" at 200% (just so that it won't be reduced to below 100% with the Luck difference feature).

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