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Effect: Banish





This script adds a "Banish" effect to your item/skill.

When a battler is banished, they will be removed from the battle.




Script: Download here

Required: Effect Manager




Tag your item/skill with


<eff: banish x>
Where x is the chance of success, as a float (eg: 0.1 = 10%)

You can use the variable `user` to access the attacker's attributes, and the variable `self` to access the target's attributes.

Edited by Tsukihime

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I understand the problem:

To make "Effect Manager" compatible with "Scene materia", you've suggested replacing "effects" with "effects2" ....

And for now, this script does not work.

In this case you have some advice for me?

Edited by Lionheart

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Great Tsukihime! All well?


I am using your script (many of them ...), but I am having difficulty with the compatibility with the script Yami Battle Symphony.


Whenever an actor is banned (Banish), the following error occurs:


"Script 'Window_BattleStatus' line 52: TypeError Ocurred

no implicit conversion from nil to integer



Could you help me?

In my test, I used only:

- Yami Battle Symphony

- Tsukihime - Effect Manager

- Tsukihime - Banish Effec

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