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Feature: Gold Rate



This script allows you to specify custom gold rate multipliers for your actors.




Script: Download here

Required: Feature Manager




Tag database objects with


<ft: gold_rate x>
For some multiplier x, as a float.



1.0 is no multiplier
1.5 is 50% increase
0.5 is 50% decrease
All multipliers are additive.


The gold you receive from battle is equal to the following formula


gold_received = enemy.gold * gold_party_ability * (actor1.gold_rate + actor2.gold_rate + ... + actorn.gold_rate)
Basically, all battle members contribute to the final gold multiplier. Edited by Tsukihime

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I'm a little confused with formula.

Gold party ability(n) is divided by battle members?

I mean if not ex.

100 * n *(1,2) = 120n (one member)

100 * n *(1,2x4) = 480n (four members)

Or its adds 1 for non existing battle members?

100*n*(1,2+1*3) = 420n (one member)

Another thing i want to use thief ratio to 1.2, so if my party will have 4 thieves

100*n*1.2x4 = 480n with double money equipment is 960n if it doesn't matter how many actors have equiped that kind stuff.

But if it was be 100*n*(1.2*1.2*1.2*1*2)= 207n that many i want to get. Don't know how = n.

I just want to know if it possible(or maybe it is working that already) to get bonus 107% for 4 thieves in party, but 44% for only two thieves.

Edited by Marian

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