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Switch Condition

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Feature: Switch Condition



This script adds a "switch condition" feature to database objects.

It allows you to require a switch to be ON (or OFF) to:


-equip a weapon/armor

-use a skill




Script: Download here

Required: Feature Manager




Tag database objects with



<ft: switch_cond ID value>
Where ID is the switch ID and value is either


0 for OFF

1 for ON


A single object can have multiple switch conditions, as separate features.

If any switch conditions are not satisfied, then you can't use it.

Edited by Tsukihime

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Hi Tsukihime Sorry to bother you with his,

 i already installed the   Feature Manager

 but i always get this error..  in Feature Switch Condition


Script  feature switch condition' line 56:  Name error occurred.

  undefined method 'equip_weapon_ok?' for class 'Game_BattlerBase'


and also Following same errors with this scripts..


Level Requirements 

Gender Requirement
Actor Requirement
Class Requirement


what could be the problem??

Edited by Zeus Zaucth

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Thank you very much Tsukihime,

I'm currently Creating a game 2% stage (developing mechanics)

All of your Scripts is really a Great Help..


I Still have a lot to Learn about Programming  languages,  Especially Ruby

And I want to be a Elite Coder just like you, Much Respect..

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