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Enemy Drops

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Enemy Drops



This script allows you to setup extra drops for a "drop_item" note section (aka "drop note")

You can tag a drop note with more than one drop, but each note just takes the first one it finds.




Script: http://db.tt/jxgopxan

Required: Core: Note Sections

Optional: Core: Drop Conditions - if you want to specify percentage droprates instead of denominators.




Tag a drop note with


<drop: a23 denominator>


Where the "a" can be one of


w - weapon

a - armor

i - item


And the number is the ID of the item.


The denominator is the drop probability, so 2 is 1/2 which is 50%, 3 is 1/3 which is 33%, 10 is 1/10 = 10%.


So for example


<note: drop_item 4>
 <drop: w3 10>

<note: drop_item 5>
 <drop: a2 50>


Which will add weapon 3 with a 10% chance of dropping as the 4th drop item and armor 2 with a 2% chance of dropping as the 5th item.


If you are using the Core: Drop Conditions script, then you can instead pass in a decimal value for the probabilities. This changes the droprate system to treat 0 as 0%, 0.2 as 20%, 1 as 100%, etc.

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