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Skill Power Modifier

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Feature: Skill Power Modifier



This script allows you to increase the damage dealt by skills by some fixed percentage when you equip an item.


For example, Flame Sword increases the power of "Flame Strike" skill by 20% when it is equipped, and so the base damage of "flame strike" is now increased by 20% whenever you have that sword on.




Script: http://db.tt/25DmBCID

Required: Feature Manager, Core: Damage Processing




Tag your equips with


<ft: skill_power skill_id mod>




skill_id is the ID of the skill that you want to modify

mod is the damage modifier, as a float, treated as a percentage.




0 is no increase

0.1 is a 10% increase

-0.1 is a 10% decrease

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i noticed a few of your scripts with dropbox links don't work :/ like this one. i'm sure i can find a workaround however.

Thank you for your awesome work! :thumbup3:

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