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Reverse Heal

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Feature: Reverse Heal



This script reverses all healing skills.

A skill that heals you will damage you.

If a skill drains your HP, then your HP will be recovered and it will drain from the user's HP.


The same goes to MP.


HP and MP reversing is treated as two separate features.


Only applies to damage formulas, not effects.

So if you use a potion, you still recover HP.




Script: Download here

Required: Feature Manager




Tag database objects with


<ft: reverse_heal hp>
<ft: reverse_heal mp>
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If only it were a true zombie state where *all* healing effects are reversed, but unfortunately too much of the default scripts say things like this


@hp -= value


Which is unfortunate because I can't really do much about it (aside from going into every method that does this...)


Though, I'm wondering how I could make it so that if you casted a skill that is supposed to revive someone, you could reverse it and make a death spell. kind of like using life on a zombie.

Edited by Tsukihime

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