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Window Timer



This script provides basic countdown timer functionality for windows.

The timer is stored in frames, and decreases by 1 per frame update.


I have also implemented two features to demonstrate how it is used (ie: make this script actually useful)


1. Message windows. Automatically skips the message when time-out

2: Choice window. Automatically selects a time-out choice.




Script: http://db.tt/BUQC7Vfa




This script uses the control character "\T" (case insensitive) to specify time-out.

It is used in text input as follows




Where n is the number of seconds before time-out (1 second = 60 frames)


In message windows, you just need to include the control character somewhere.


In choice windows, the last choice that contains a time-out control will be selected as the time-out choice. So for example you might have


choice 1
choice 2
choice 3
  \T[5]Can you repeat the question?


If choice 2 was the cancel choice, and you time-out, then choice 3 will be selected.


For developers


For the most part you will probably only need to specify the time-out behavior. Simply alias or super that method


def update_timeout
  # your code

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This is pretty cool and handy.


One issue/question in relation to the 2nd feature: If a choice is made should the timer not disappear or become inactive? When I was testing it I had a choice followed by a choice and the timer seemed to continue over to the second choice?

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