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Tag Requirements

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Feature: Tag Requirements



This script allows you to place arbitrary "tag" requirements for your equips.

A tag is just a string. It can represent gender ("male" or "female"), it can represent race ("elf", "human", ...), or basically anything you want.


An actor may have multiple tags, and an equip may have multiple tag requirements.




Script: http://db.tt/JaOEalZW

Required: Feature Manager




A tag can be added to anything: actors, classes, items, skills, equips, ...

An actor's tags is the set of all tags that the actor currently has, which includes any actor tags, the current class tags, state tags, and tags from equips.


This means that you are able to specify actor requirements or class requirements simply by adding a tag to your actor or class, and then having the equips require that tag.


To add a tag, use the notetag

<ft: tag x>
Tag requirements are specified in the form

<ft: tag_req tag1 tag2 ...>
This means that you must satisfy all of tag 1, tag2, ... in order to equip it.


Alternatively, if you had

<ft: tag_req tag1>
<ft: tag_req tag2>
This means as long as you satisfy any of them, you can equip it.




Suppose you had two classes, soldier and monk.

Soldier is tagged with "soldier"

Monk is tagged with "monk.


You have two actors, one is "male", the other is "female".


You can specify that a hand axe requires a "male soldier" by tagging it with

<ft: tag_req male soldier>
You can specify that a cestus requires a female soldier, or a monk

<ft: tag_req female soldier>
<ft: tag_req monk>
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Can you tag your enemies?

So let's say the enemy was male and I was trying to make a skill that only affects a enemy with a certain tag?

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