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[Event]Switch Puzzle

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the following information was requested by Galv:

this is a rather simple tutorial for showing enthusiasts how to effectively create a puzzle switch system in RMVXAce. in this tutorial you will see how to create good switches and bad switches and event them accordingly. to quickly sum that up, good switches increase a variable that can be used to activate whatever you desire, while bad switches reset your progress and return all switches to their default positions. after stepping on all good switches respectively, you may activate additional event processing.


what to expect:

- switch presses to floor when stepped on

- se plays to demonstrate whether associated switch is good or bad

- good switches increases selected variable as they are activated

- bad switches reset entire process


demo links:

4Shared (Default)



Rapidhare (Mirror)

https://rapidshare.c... (no video).exe


video tutorial:


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that would put this to perfect use. i hope to see something come of it.



until further notice, 4Shared will be my default file sharing utility and a link has been added.

Rapidshare has assumed the position of mirror.

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