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Feature: Haggle Rate



Receive discounts at shops when buying things!




Script: http://db.tt/n4aRayJq

Required: Feature Manager




Tag database objects with

<ft: haggle_rate x>
For some float x representing the haggle rate. For example, 0.5 means you get half-price on everything, whereas 2 means everything is twice as expensive. Edited by Tsukihime
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Depends on how you use it.


If you put the feature on a state, then the price will change only when the state is active (on the leader)

If you put it on an actor, then the price will always change as long as you are the leader.


So for example if you have a merchant class and you say that they always buy stuff for cheaper...then you would put the feature on them as a class feature.

Edited by Tsukihime

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Is there any way you can use this to make different shops have different prices? Like the shop in one city sells stuff at 0.9x rate, but it always does that, not just only if you have a certain character.

Also it'd be neat if you could modify prices for specific items, like a state that means all food is cheaper, or a shop that sells really expensive potions but everything else is normal rate. The default system in rpgmaker is really rather restrictive XD

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Well, some issues


1: first, you will need a way to categorize your items (eg: food, pots, ...). Until something like that exists (which is trivial), you won't be able to specify discounts on a type of item


2: Then you will need a way to note tag a shop. Again, no nice solutions for that. I have written a note-section script that makes it easy to set up shop note tags, but I haven't developed it.

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Yeah, I'll just say this.
Multiple applied tags ADD rather than MULTIPLY together.


Since I don't think NEGATIVE INTEGERS are implemented, if one wanted to use .75 and another .75 to increase the discount even more (would be .56), it would become 1.5, A VERY LIKELY UNWANTED 50% INFLATION.


So, after some time, I got some assistance with this issue. Thanks to @LockeZ, one can now use multiplied values rather than added values.


Since the Dropbox link is shredded just as much as a person through a wood chipped would be, spoiler tag + code box, ACTIVATE!


 ** Feature: Haggle Rate
 Author: Hime
 Date: Oct 23, 2012
 ** Change log
 Sept 17, 2017
   - added optional line to have the values multiply together instad of add.
 Oct 23, 2012
   - initial release
 ** Terms of Use
 * Free to use in non-commercial projects
 * Contact me for commercial use
 * No real support. The script is provided as-is
 * Will do bug fixes, but no compatibility patches
 * Features may be requested but no guarantees, especially if it is non-trivial
 * Preserve this header
 ** Required
 -Feature Manager

 Receive discounts at shops.
 Party discount rate determined by the haggle rate of the leader.
 Tag database objects with
    <ft: haggle_rate x>
 For some float x.
 If x = 0, then everything is free
 If x > 0 and x < 1, then you have a discount
 If x == 1 then normal price
 If x > 1 then prices are inflated
$imported = {} if $imported.nil?
$imported["Feature_EquipTypeRequirement"] = true
# ** Rest of the script
module Features
  module Haggle_Rate
    FeatureManager.register(:haggle_rate, 1.0)

module RPG
  class BaseItem
    def add_feature_haggle_rate(code, data_id, args)
      data_id = 0
      value = args[0].to_f
      add_feature(code, data_id, value)

class Game_Party < Game_Unit
  def haggle_rate
    val = leader.features_sum(:haggle_rate, 0)
#~  val = leader.features_with_id(:haggle_rate, 0).inject(1.0) {|r, ft| r *= ft.value }
   #If you would rather have haggle rates that multiply the values, 
   #use the line above and comment out the previous line -Amyrakunejo and LockeZ
    val > 0 ? val : 1

class Window_ShopBuy < Window_Selectable
  alias :ft_haggle_rate_price :price
  def price(item)
    return (ft_haggle_rate_price(item) * $game_party.haggle_rate).to_i



So, that's basically it. "_sum" is replaced with "_with_id" and ".inject(1.0) {|r, ft| r *= ft.value }" is added after "( :haggle_rate, 0)"


I guess having experience with multiple programming languages becomes useful over time...

Me, my highest level of experience is with Hexadecimal, but that's another story. You good people, enjoy.

Edited by PhoenixSoul
Uploaded original script plus the fix. Don't use Dropbox, or you will get cancer.

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