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Hue Change

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Feature: Hue Change





This script allows you to change the hue of enemy battlers.

You use a formula to determine the hue.




Script: Download here

Required: Feature Manager




Tag enemies or states with


<ft: hue_change formula>
Where the formula is some algebraic expression that calculates the new hue at each frame update.


For example, if you want your enemy's hue to be 100, then you can just write


<ft: hue_change 100>
Alternatively, if you would like it to change hues over a period of time, you can use the variable `n` to refer to the current hue, and increment that by some constant rate


<ft: hue_change n+1>
This means that for each update, your hue will increase by 1. This allows you to make a "rainbow" effect as the battler cycles through a bunch of colors. Edited by Tsukihime

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nice :) but wouldn't that look kinda awkward on monsters besides slimes?

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Yes, so you should refrain from giving every monster rainbow sprites. But making a monster red to imply that it is angry might work.


Lots of games are also lazy and don't want to make a million models so they just re-use models and give them different colors. Sure, they actually do some work and re-color them by hand, but if you're lazy you can just change the hue like how RM editor gives it to you.

Edited by Tsukihime

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