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Page Note Conditions

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This script is out of date. Use Custom page conditions instead


Page Note Conditions



This script adds scripted page conditions to your event pages.

It uses page notes.




Script: http://db.tt/ldvd6s0L

Required: Note Manager




Tag your event page note with

<page_condition: expr>
Where `expr` is any valid ruby expression. It is basically what you would type into a script box if it was available.


Examples of expressions that you might want to use may include


1: checking for variable < n, rather than "variable greater than or equal to n"

$game_variables[i] < n
2: whether an actor is in the party

And so on.


The Note File tutorial may be useful if you have never used note files before.


So for example if you want to tag page 3 of event 7 on map 4, then you would go to Map 4 folder and look for

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