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Effect: Common Event



This effect calls a common event.


Same as the built-in common event effect, except this supports common event arguments, keeps track of who called it, who it was targeted at, and which item was used to call it.




Script: Download here

Required: Effect Manager




Tag your item/skill with



<eff: common_evt id arg1 arg2 ... >


`id` is the ID of the common event to call

`arg` is some argument to store, which can be retrieved in the common event


The following variables are available for the common event. You should use script calls to work with these.


$game_temp.event_user - who called it
$game_temp.event_target - who it is applied to
$game_temp.event_args - list of arguments provided
$game_temp.event_item - item that was used to call this

The main problem with common events is that, while it's nice, it is basically a function with no parameters.

This script attempts to make common events more flexible by allowing you to indirectly pass arguments to it.


Note that the event arguments are actually evaluated when the effect is called. This means you can say something like


<eff: common_evt 1 self.class.id>

And it will store the target's class ID as an argument for the common event.

I am not sure if this will be useful, but you are likely more creative than me.


An example usage might be something like this: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8059-how-to-learn-skills-based-on-job-and-level-requirements/

Edited by Tsukihime
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Scripter of the Year 2012. You deserve it. Another gem of utility - just think of the possible combat effects with this! Plus, cookie for the arguments!

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I changed the script to use the tag "common_evt" instead of "common_event" since it is already reserved by the default engine.

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I've added some convenience methods in Game_Interpreter so that in your script calls (in your events) you can just say




To access them rather than the lengthy




Because I might not store them in $game_temp in the future....

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