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Effect: Level Bonus



This script allows you to gain additional bonuses during level up.

This allows players to customize their stat growths based on their actor, class, equips, or states.




Script: Download here

Required: http://himeworks.com/2012/10/05/effects-manager




Tag effect objects with



<eff: level_bonus param x>
Where param is one of mhp, mmp, atk, def, mat, mdf, agi, luk

And x is an integer indicating the amount of bonus to receive for that parameter.




Suppose you had an accessory that increased atk by 10 per level up.

Then when the actor equips the accessory, everytime he levels he will receive an extra +10 atk bonus. This is a permanent bonus.

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Does this bonus modify the base in use for base-related formulas?

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