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Battle Engine Symphony

A new battle system for RPG Maker VX Ace. At the moment, It's providing a sideview battle and a language for customizing skills. There will be many add-on in the future to make it better.

- Visualize Battles
- Customize Skills
- Easily Install
- Many add-on
- Free for using and redistributing


Download & Manual
Battle Symphony Script

Battle Symphony Add-ons

Battle Symphony Demo

Github Repo

Battle Symphony Manual

Yanfly (for his ideas from Melody)
Nessiah & EvilEagles (some other ideas)
Many testing guys

- The original language is Melody Language from Yanfly Engine Melody. Be sure to credit him in your games if You use this Battle System.
- All Add-on can be found in above site (in Download Section).
- This Battle System is open and free, You can use it in both non-commercial and commercial projects. Furthermore, You can redistribute your build for free.
- Please do not feedback in this topic. You can feedback here. Thank you ~

Edited by Lil' Yami

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This is amazing! I really like this battle system. I will use this, but i was wondering if that Predicted Charge Turn Battle will be compatible with this system, so i can make something like Atelier iris 3. It's possible?


Anyway, i love this script, good jog Yami. ;3

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Um... beyond Sideview Battles... what does this script do? I'm scratching my head.


Well, it doesn't require Victor's scripts for one, is completely stand-alone, and functions a lot like Tankentai except that it probably has more compatibility.

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Hey, Yami. I'm trying to make a Cyclone skill (Chrono Trigger) where the user spins around the enemy dealing multiple strikes. So far I have the

multiple strikes down, but is there a way to make the user move behind the target and facing it? Same for above and below? Thanks.

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Update version 1.10. Now Symphony can work alone, does not require YEA - Battle Engine Ace anymore.

Yay, been waiting for this.

Does this mean we can use custom Battle Status now instead of Yanfly's?

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Aside from Victor Sant's plethora of battle scripts, this is without a doubt the best side view battle script I've seen. And unlike his, your sprites are animated with the base sprite sheet only, which is quite awesome indeed. An all-in-one plug-and-play script.


There's only two issues I've noticed with this script.


1. Bows/Guns/Etc. It's a bit odd going up to an enemy and wacking them with your gun/bow. But not really a big deal.

2. This issue isn't with the original script, but the add-on Enemy Character Set. If you opt to make enemies hidden, it'll still show the animated character sprites, although you can't attack them until they're unhidden.


Other than that, fantastic script. Definitely using it in my project.

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Yami, this script is fantastic.  Excellent work.


I have a question: is it possible to combine this script with your old Predicted Charge Turn Battle script?  I'd love to be able to do that.  Are they compatible?

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