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Exp Tables

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Exp Tables



This script allows you to set up actor and class exp tables in an external file.

I am using csv files because spreadsheet programs can open them and allow you to edit it directly without having to worry about delimiters. But you can use any text editor.




Script: http://db.tt/bR9XcpJN

Demo: http://db.tt/GZKlm2OZ




This script currently supports two types of exp tables.


class_exp.csv - class exp tables

actor_exp.csv - actor exp tables


You should store your data in the appropriate file and then place this in your Data folder. You can change where the folder is located in the configuration.


The default delimiter I use is ; (semi-colon) but you can change it as well.


CSV specs


The first line of the csv format is an empty cell, followed by each object name.


For example, suppose we are working with the class exp tables.

Assuming you only have two classes that will use exp tables, your first line should look like




For each row afterwards, you start with the level, followed by exp required

for each class




You should complete the table up to max level + 1 otherwise it will crash.

If your game crashes while comparing exp, it's because your exp tables

are not setup properly.

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hmm csv, it's interesting.

i think we can create csv using excel and save as as csv files.

so basically if we only put soldier and monk. other class other than that will use default exp tables set in database?


how about extending this to base stat too.

ability to set up stats in excel is nice. since we can use the formula to calculate what we want then paste it as value after finish it. :D.

Edited by estriole

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Do you want to write that? lol I'm not sure how to organize the columns.

Edited by Tsukihime

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