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CSCA Unlimited Event Conditions

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CSCA Event Conditions

By: Casper Gaming (Casper667)

Last Update: November 15, 2012

Latest Version: 1.0.0



- Allows you to have unlimited event conditions.


How to Use

Place in your materials section. Plug and Play. Instructions for setting up additional conditions in events included in script.



Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK



Casper Gaming




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I generally think it is not a good idea to reserve a particular index because what happens if two or three scripts reserve the same index for different purposes.

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Using the first index was done to improve performance. It might get kind of laggy if the script has to search each index for conditions in each event on the map especially if there are multiple pages or the events have many commands in them each time the map is refreshed.

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