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You may be familiar with "parallel process" events, but one thing that you can't do with parallel processes is to assign an action trigger to it so that the event will do something different when you trigger it.


This script extends the functionality of events by allowing you to assign "parallel pages" to an event page. A parallel page is just a list of events, but they will be run in the background. Furthermore, because the parallel page automatically runs, it does not use up your event page and allows you to set up your event page as usual.


This will allow a single event page to perform background commands while waiting for the trigger condition to activate. You can reduce the amount of events on your map and possibly the number of switches/variables used by making use of self-switches and parallel pages.


The possibilities are endless, and best of all it comes with all of the features of the event editor.




Get it at Hime Works




First, set up a parallel page by creating an event page, adding a comment as the first command with the string


<parallel page>

You can then set up the page usual.




To assign a parallel page to another event page, simply include the comment


<parallel page: n>

Where `n` is the page number that you wish to use as the parallel page.

When the event page is active, the parallel page will also run if the parallel page's conditions are met.




Parallel pages will only be run when a page they are assigned to is active.

They are ignored when the event is searching for a page to activate.




I require a <parallel page> comment solely for developers to remind themselves that the page is supposed to be used as a parallel page.

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Hey Tsukihime,


Big thanks for the script. I've run into a little problem though - When I run a parallel process with a Set Move Route command that has Change Speed inside of it, the movement ceases to work properly. Here's an image of my parallel process:




The event will still move randomly, but only when the player moving. Which means if my player stops moving, the event stops moving. When the player moves 1 step, the event moves 1 step. This problem doesn't occur if I use the regular Parallel event trigger, it only comes out when your script is utilized. I wonder if this is a bug, or if I'm doing something wrong?


Once again, big thanks for linking me to this script. Please advise on the aforementioned issue, thanks!

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I am not getting that issue.


I set up my parallel page the same as your example, and my event page is the same as the one I posted at the top (show text: "hold on"). And when I start the game, the event moves around at a faster speed.


When you say "parallel process" are you referring to the parallel page or something else?


Perhaps there is some script conflict?

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