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XS - Menu Delux

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When using Dekitas Max TP Control and setting someones max TP to 0 on the start of the game the game crashes and you get this error. I've tried commenting out some random stuff and lines but havent found a fix. Or is there a way to get it to only show the bars that a character uses? Characters either use MP or TP in my game so its kinda odd having a MP user constantly having TP in the menu. Amazing script either way, best menu script around I'd say.



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Hello. I am having a problem with this script. It is realy an amazing work but it is not compatible with (Yanfly Engine Ace - Class System v1.10) and another awesome script does not appear in the menue it's called (Battle Difficulty - KGC_BattleDifficulty).


How can I add these 2 cool scripts into your amazing menu script? I was trying to figure out how to use a Scene.call to call class system and BattleDifficulty system but could not figure it out how to do it. Any idea ?


Update: O.K I've managed to get Difficulty - KGC_BattleDifficulty into XaiL System - Menu Delux but I am getting this error message now.



This error appears after clicking on Kampfhärte which is KGC_BattleDifficulty system



Update: O.K I gave up trying to get this BattleDifficulty System to work with Xails amazing Menu so I moved on and found DT's Difficulty cool Battle Difficulty System which is really easy to import into Xails Menu. Just put this code with DT's Difficulty script into XaiL System - Menu Delux =)

# symbol => [name, description, icon_index, enabled, personal, custom]
:todd_difficulty=> ["Difficulty", " Please choose your Difficulty", 2115, true, false, Scene_Difficulty],
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You would think something as simple as changing the color of the bars in this menu would be easy to figure out.

But I can't for the life of me find where it is pulling the colors it uses from. It's def not the default colors... as I have those changed to hp = green, and this still has hp = red.


Haha, Nevermind.

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how do you turn of default menu music from this script ?? I want my music to play and not the default one that comes with this script


Change this line:

MUSIC_BGM = ["Theme4", 70, 100]

to this:

MUSIC_BGM = ["YourMusicFileNameGoesHere", 70, 100]

Like this:



    # Set the music to be played at the menu scene.

    # This is optional.

    # MUSIC = true/false

    MUSIC = false

    # MUSIC_BGM = [name, volume, pitch]

    MUSIC_BGM = ["YourMusicFileNameGoesHere", 70, 100]

    # MUSIC_BGS = [name, volume, pitch]

    MUSIC_BGS = ["Darkness", 50, 100]



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So it keeps saying error no menu fog in graphics/systems, yet I downloaded the folder in graphics and the files into system :/


Create a new folder in the graphics folder and name it System, then put your Menu_Files in that new System folder.

It should look like this:      \Projects\Game Title\Graphics\System\Menu_Files.


For those having compatibility problems with the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 script and XS script:


Go into the Pearl Scenes script, then go to line 393 and line 660 and put a hashtag at the beginning of both.

It should look like this:     #    @background_sprite.color.set(16, 16, 16, 70)


Everything else has worked fine so far.

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Hey there,


I have this script within the XS - Journal script. I have added by myself the line command putting the Journal in the menu, but when I open it, it gives me this error:


Script 'XS - Journal' line 211: NoMethodError occured.

Undefined method 'each' for nil:NilClass


I have checked this line:


$game_system.get_journal(@journal).each {|i| add_command(i[0].to_s.slice_char("_").cap_words, i[0]) }


I don't understand why

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