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EST - Bribe and Battle Royale + 2 ADD ON (Agro system, Recruit System)

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version history

 v1.3 - fix some bugs where the faction a or b cannot target bribed member
      - make the bribed enemy cannot be targeted by actor.
      - compatibility with EST - ENEMY POSITION v3.2
v1.2 - add some method alive and dead method for each faction & bribed
v1.1 - change some method to alias for better compatibility
v1.0 - finish the script

(ADD ONS) - currently have 2 add ons
- Agro System
- Bribed Enemy join after battle
since i got some request i post add ons for that request here

1) request by non ya : agro system

basically you need
1) Tsukihime Effect Manager v2.4 or above

2)Effect Manual Target Script

3) EST - Permanent States snippet (i rewrote my script to this. still adding things before releasing it as script)

to add the agro system.
-) every faction MUST have their own unique agro states
example faction a state is 45
faction a agro check state is 44
faction b state is 46
faction b agro check state is 47

from above example create states:
then in notetags add this:

for faction a agro check state:
<eff: manual_opponents 3 x true>
<eff: manual_friends 2 x true>
x is the faction a states.

for faction b agro check state:
<eff: manual_friends 2 x true>
<eff: manual_friends 2 x true>
x is the faction b states.

then at battle start add the faction states to each battler
then add the correct agro check states on top that faction state
slime a is faction a
slime b is faction b

at battle start:
slime a add state faction a
slime a add state agro check faction a
slime b add state faction b
slime b add state agro check faction b

thus both slime will attack each other ignoring the party.
but if party decide to attack slime b.
then state agro check faction b will removed and it will act as faction b behavior
(attack party and faction a)

hope i explain it clearly

2) request by pikalyze
bribed enemy recruited after battle

you need these script:

2)EST - Clone Actor

3)Tsukihime - Effect Manager

4)Tsukihime - simple text input script

first add notetags to enemy

<eff: enemy_recruit actor_id actor_lv rename? rand? sex>

actor_id = actor id of the base actor #required
actor_lv = level of the newly added actor #required

rename? = true/false
#true - will be able to rename actor when adding it.
#false - use default name in actor database
#default true if nil

rand? = true/false
#random name when the entered name is blank
#true - will pick name using random name array in module
#false - will use default name for that actor_id
#default false if nil

sex = male or female
#male - will pick name from RANDOM_NAME_ARRAY_MALE
#female- will pick name from RANDOM_NAME_ARRAY_FEMALE
#default pick male name


<eff: enemy_recruit 3 10 true true male>

will recruit actor using base actor 3 and will have lv 10
able to rename when adding it to party,
random name when naming it with blank name
will choose male name in array (RANDOM_NAME_ARRAY_MALE)


then set the common event id you use for recruiting scene in
Effect - Recruit Enemy script


then create that common event using combination of show choices and messages. and according to rule.
this is example of how the common event should be created:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this will result to this:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

for the record i use yanfly message system in case you confuse what
just read yanfly message system script


why i use common event for recruiting scene?
1) too lazy to script own scene
2) message system could be used to max

of course you could modify it as long as you understand the rule
1) all must inside loop
2) must add conditional branch on top of that loop

$game_party.recruit_enemy.size == 0

break loop

3) must add this script call at the bottom most of the loop (above "repeat above")


4) when the time to recruit... use this script call:


i use it in yes choices.

in the middle of number 2 and number 3 is the content you presented to the user :D/>.

this script have two function:
1) make bribed enemy:
bribed enemy will attack other enemy beside bribed enemy. how you make the enemy to be bribed. just add the state to that enemy. (for the bribe system is up to you... ex: bribed by hitting enemy with skill that give money, enemy have loyalty, etc)

note: bribed enemy is excluded from $game_troop.alive_members
so you cannot hit them (hey they are your allies... don't hit kill them will you)
and thus you will win if all alive enemy is bribed

unfortunately i haven't added function so our actor could heal the bribed enemy.
since it need to rewrite the windows actor selection. and could be problems
with compatibility with other script.

2) do battle royale
currently this support battle royale. we assign enemy to faction. example:
slimeA, slimeB is faction A
batA, batB is faction B
then slime will hit either our party or faction B members.
and bat will hit either our party or faction A members.
thus the battle royale begin. let's the best team win.

to set the faction just add the state at battle start using troop event pages
example : turn 0.
slimeA +faction A state, slimeB +faction A state
BatA +faction B state, BatB +faction B state.

this script already tested to work with normal battle system and victor animated battle system (victor map battle havent tested yet)
i also used it with yanfly ace battle engine.
if any bugs occur using above system just tell me and i will try to fix it.

unfortunately i don't use other battle system and thus i might not make compatibility with other battle system. especially tankentai (just because it's hard to make compatibility with tankentai)..





1) lets the battle royale begin !

I use Tsukihime Enemy Reinforcement to set more than 8 enemy. because if we only have 8 and split it to 2 faction... it will only 4 v 4 v party. not intense enough LOL.
and to add the state i use script call since i cannot add state using command editor for the extension enemy:


for i in 0..7
for i in 8..15

2)Faction A hit Faction B members

3)Faction B hit Faction A members

4)Faction B hit Party

5)Lets recruit some Faction A members

6)Success... now it even attack his former faction members

7)Have AOE skill... tell our magician to not hit our ally.

Edited by estriole

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Very original idea estriole! Not certain if I'll be able to squeeze it in my game or not... but nonetheless very impressive. You mention "the one project with pornography." Lol. Someone is making a porn RPG?? Hahaha

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@galv, lecode, caveras, nate, chantal : thanks. if anyone found bugs. feel free to report and i'll see if i can fix that.


@nate: my little brother (he still college student) create 'eroge' visual novel using RPG maker vx ace :D.


he do that because some of his friends make some crazy game making contest. and thus he create that to shock his friends.

his friends all swear when they see the final product. and he won the contest (the reward only getting treated at college cafeteria for one month :D)


@galv: fortunately your visual novel choices script still not present when my little brother create that games. :D

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Hahah! Okay! That's funny stuff. Back when I was in high-school I programmed a custom version of Sim Pimp for the Ti-83.... it was for the shock value ;)

I was a hero in math class for a while...heh.

Well, I now know... if I want to use this script... no porno rpg ;) haha

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updated the script to v1.1

i decide to alias some method because i wouldn't know if anyone decide to mess with opponents_unit or friends_unit.(until now haven't found one but who knows anyone with wacky idea :D)

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Oooo nice one estriole =)


by the way, is there a way to make Slime A (neutral state) fight Slime B (enemy)only but slimeA does not attack party members unless party members attacks SlimeA first or use a skill where it generates threat and then Slime A attacks both Slime B and the party... is this possible? by the I love this script and thank you estriole for sharing this with us =)

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@non ya: maybe if combined with tsukihime effect manager it's achievable. since i also set @manual_opponents_unit for people that like to change it manually as long as it follow the rule


for developer. rule:

@manual_opponents_unit must be a game_troop unit.

you could define your own setup_bla_bla_opponents method to add either enemy or actors to @enemies inside Game_Troop.



a = Game_Troop.new


@manual_opponents_unit = a


like that.


maybe i will create the state effect for effect manager that let you choose manual opponents unit.


but i guess i need to plan the notetags format first.

perhaps using code

<eff: manual_opponents x>

1 => game party only

2 => game troop only

3 => game_party + game_troop.

4 => game_party + game_troop with not same state

but it won't be convenience i guess


or using array

<eff:manual_opponents [1,2,3,4,5,6,-1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7,-8]

1 to 6 = party slot 1 - 6

-1 to -8 = troop slot 1 - 8

with next if position empty.


any suggestion?

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a = Game_Troop.new


@manual_opponents_unit = a


i'm sorry but I dont understand what you mean here? Do I plug this thing in your script? if so where?


<eff: manual_opponents x>

1 => game party only

2 => game troop only

3 => game_party + game_troop.

4 => game_party + game_troop with not same state


add this to the notetag? i'm sorry but your gonna have to break it down for me LoL =)

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Somewhat reminds me of that traitor script I've been looking for awhile.

Anyways, so if the battle ends, the faction members that you 'bribed' leave?


Probably would sound complex, but could you possibly add at the end of the battle, the enemies have a chance of being recruited?

It would probably take a whole system though.. so eh..

Just wondering.

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@non ya: actually what i explain is for developer who would like to change the opponents manually. either when adding states (modify add_state method) or easier using Tsukihime Effect Manager.


for the notetags. the script for that not yet created. i'm still planning on making it. but haven't decide which is the best notetags format.


@pikalyze: yes. it's not added to the party. because basically it's still $game_troop members. i just change it's enemy.


it might be possible to add bribed enemy to party. using common event + add on script. i will try making that too.


if i finish both add on. i will post it in first page.

but i need couple of days. since i'm currently busy managing my new opened toy store branch. so i can only script at night (if not too tired).


edit : the first add on (manual opponents unit) done. but i still trying to improve it so it can achieve agro when hit effect. and i think it also need permanent state script to make it works.


second add on haven't touch it yet. waiting the first add on to finish first.

Edited by estriole

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first ADD ON added.

it's what requested by Non Ya.


Agro System - enemy attack each other ignoring party. but when party attack it. it will agro and target the party too.


open the spoiler tags in first post.

if there's a bug... report it here :D.

(hopefully i already exterminate the last of it >.<)



now on to second requested ADD ON requested by pikalyze.


Edited by estriole

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YAAAAAAY!!!! :lol: Thank you very much ESTRIOLE :D you are the best :wub:


I cant seem to get it to work.... :(


can you like, break it down for me... i dont have and not even close in having half a brain of what you have.... your just too effin smart.... :wub:

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@Non Ya:

1) first you need this following scripts

a) Tsukihime Effect Manager version 2.4 or above (i provide the link above)


c) Effect Manual Target Script (in first post in add on spoiler tag)

d) Permanent State Snippet (also in first post)


2) then basically you assign states for faction A and faction B in EST-BRIBE AND BATTLE ROYALE module ESTRIOLE

lets tell that you don't change it and use default settings:

 BRIBE_STATE     = 48

that means your faction A state is 46 and faction B state is 47.

state 46 and state 47 will be state that do nothing. it just used for marking factions


3) then create Agro check state for faction A.

for example let's use state 45.

state 45 is state that do nothing too but have this notetags:

<eff: manual_opponents 3 46 true>

<eff: manual_friends 2 46 true>


4) then create Agro check state for faction B.

for example let's use state 44

state 44 is state that do nothing too but have this notetags:

<eff: manual_opponents 3 47 true>

<eff: manual_friends 2 47 true>


5) then lets move to troops tab in database.

set the enemy and it's position.

create troop event. set the activation to turn number 0. span battle

then give state faction A(46) for every enemy you want to become faction A

then give state faction B(47) for every enemy you want to become faction B

then give agro check state faction A (45) for every faction A enemy

then give agro check state faction B (44) for every faction B enemy


6) finish and enjoy the enemy from faction A battling with faction B.

but if you decide to attack the enemy. it will remove it's agro check states and then will act as normal battle royale (attack party and troop not in same state)


i know it's complicated. but i hope i explain it clearly :D


ps: i also modify a little bit the Effect Manual Target script above. so use the newer one.

modify it to allow bribe state to bypass agro check state behavior. to avoid error targeting issues.

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GOOD MORNING ESTRIOLE!!! :D Once again Thank you for clarifying that as simple as it can, but, i did miss one thing which was the effect manager... i thought effect manager and target effect were the same... but without further adue, i plugged that last missing script which equaled to 4 script to get this to run... but after I plugged that in in accordance to the order of


Tsukihime Effect Manager version 2.4 or above


Effect Manual Target Script

Permanent State Snippet


this error occurred:


Script ;EST - BRIBE AND BATTLE ROYALE V1.1 'line 197: syntaxError occurred.

unexpected tAMPER, expecting keyword_end

....tate?(faction_state) &amp;&amp; !$game_troop.enemies....

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Very nice! How would I go about finding out if another faction or the party killed another faction. (If party kills faction b, then a certain event will play. If faction a kills faction b, a different event will play.)

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@non ya : duh it because forum error.

strangely it change




for now you could change all


back to


or change it to :


i'm currently not in my computer with rpg maker. so i will post it again in pastebin tomorrow. (i think it's time to learn how to use pastebin. never use it in my life :D)


@yin: if only knowing faction a is eliminated or faction b eliminated it's easy. i guess i will create some method for it. (will add it tommorow in pastebin version


but if knowing wheter the one who kill faction b certain member is faction a member or actor. it's a bit hard.

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done changing them to paste bin. never know that paste bin is so easy to use :D/>.

i guess i will permanently use it then.


also update the EST-BRIBE AND BATTLE ROYALE script to 1.2.


add some method to check each faction members and bribed members


you want if faction b members is eliminated do some event

use this in conditional branch

$game_party.alive_faction_b_members.size == 0


new method available:







those method will return array of actors that belong to that category.

Edited by estriole

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finished the second add ons.

now you could have bribed enemy to join the party AFTER battle.


for how to do that. just read in my first post in add ons spoiler tag.

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now you could have bribed enemy to join the party AFTER battle.


Oh snaaap!!! This is several scripts put together into one :blink:

No need for Monster Hunters Script cuz this does that also :D

Maaaad kupos for you ESTRIOLE B) Im gonna make you a Big Boss in my project :wub:

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