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XS - Interactive Icons

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XS - Interactive Icons
Version 1.0c

This script will add interactive icons (they will fade in/fade out) to a specific event by adding a comment to it.


  • Icons above characters (events) that will animate in/out to indicate they have something important to tell/give. Maybe a quest etc.
  • The ability to enable/disable the script by a switch.
  • And more!



How to Use
To install any of my scripts, open up your script editor and copy/paste the script to an open slot below Materials but above Main. Remember to save.

Get the script here and the Core Script.

Released 1.0c. Fixed another bug when a new icon was setup in another page for an event. It will now properly erase the first icon and change to the next one.

Do credit me, Nicke, if you are planing on using any of my scripts. Thanks.
Can be use in commercial projects.

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Could you please upload your scripts in a pack somewhere (e.g. mediafire), temporarily, until the hosting issues are resolved? I think that would be easier than sending it around in PMs. Thank you very much.

Edited by Naridar

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Hello, I've been testing out this script so far and I would definitely like to use it due to it's ease and simple configuration.


However, forgive me if the solution was obvious and/or if it was a simple mistake on my end, I have an issue with which the icons don't appear to dispose themselves correctly. When I have an event set to remove itself through a self-switch, exit event processing and/or erase event, none of them appears to tell the icon to remove itself from the screen.

I have tested it on a clean project with just the XS - Core (v2.1c) and Interactive Icons (v1.0a) and still receive this issue. The icon would continue to persist (and does not change when a new interactive icon is introduced or even when set to 0/nil) unless the map is re-entered.


I tried to look at the script myself, but I'm still inexperienced in understanding the coding to figure out a solution on my own.


Could you help explain or create a method or comment that would allow manual disposal of the character icons? My plan is to use these icons to indicate to players when a character has something important for the player such as a quest, and I would want the icon to update or remove itself once the player talks to them.


This is not of dire priority so as such, take your time to respond. Please and thank you, as well for providing these amazing and useful scripts.

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Yep, some of the functions work now - thanks for the fixes.

When an event switches event page to one with no icons commented, no icons are shown - check. Works vice-versa as well.

However there is still the issue when an event switches event page from one icon to another. The previous icon would still persist until the screen is refreshed. (I had mentioned that it required a map re-enter before, but I tested the old version again and realized that opening the menu was enough to refresh the screen.)

So basically you've set up a method to refresh the icon when it detects a change from having the character_icon script or not, but the problem is it does not refresh instantly when it sees the character_icon command again on the subsequent event page. It would continue to show the icon but would not change graphics until refreshed.

Despite seeing the issue a bit more clearly this time 'though, again I'm not sure how to fix it myself still.

Now that that one issue is fixed at least, I was able to create a work-around event-wise by placing a dummy page with no icons commented to transition from one page event to the other, this should hopefully not be a major issue I hope, it would be great 'though if you can find a solution to this issue so that this process isn't needed.

Again please and thank you for the hard work.

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First of all youre doing a great job! I love most of your scripts and use them in my project.


So im in the middle of creating npc's for quests and use your icon script for it, but my problem is the icon won't disappear after page switch.


What i did was first page Comment: <character_icon: number> and the rest of conversation. After that i activate self switch A to go to the second page and did Comment: <character_icon: 0> (or nil instead of 0) so the icon would disappear, but it won't do it.


Any clue what i does wrong?

Edited by DanteMcGee

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@DanteMcGee try to find another spot in your iconset where it's blacnk and use that index number, it should make it disappear completely.


@Nicke Very nice script! Thanks a lot :) I only have a small question... Would it be possible to distinguish some interactive icons from others? What I mean by this is for example having a switch for an icons, and a different switch for another icon, and also having some icons animating, and some not. I'd be very happy if it was possible :)

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Hi !

Very good script, and usefull!


In fact i have many bugs with the "Bubbles" system used by default.


And I searched a better way to show icons above the characters.


Then i found your cool system, the fade-in fade-out is really a cool idea ;3


But I have "little" enhancement ideas:


+Add the possibility of showing any picture if no iconset used, for exemple placed in the "Graphics/Pictures/Icons/Small_Icons" folder (I have another script that use the same folder for big icons ^^")


+Use Script Calls if no comment tag used, this way it's possible to show an icon above any event or player, and delete it when not needed anymore (I use a quest system too, based on script conditions and calls, and I need to change the icons, show icons above "quest objectives", and disable them)


I think to start to do this, well for now my skills isn't really great, but for now I can adjust many scripts (well i work on RGSS3 for a very little time too…)

But if you can make this more quickly it will be really great.


In any way thanks for the script ! It's really cool and easy to use.

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