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Thank you for this amazing script.


I have FollowerDeadPose = false, and when I try to remove a dead party member I get the below error.  Any idea how to address?


Script – ‘Pearl Sprites’ line342: NoMethodError occurred
undefined method `deadposing’ for nil:NilClass

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If I leave a map mid-battle, the HP boss bar for the enemy remains until I engage another enemy. Any idea how I can fix this?

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clarification of Boss bar, not normal HP bar

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Does anyone have an example of how to use Pikakapi's aggro properly in enemy movement? Which is to say, how could I set an enemy so its focus is neutral and not biased towards the player (as with your typical monster) or biased towards another monster (set aggro).  Also how do you use alignment? Every time I set enemies with alignments (i.e. <enemy 9> <alignment: TeamA> and <enemy 9> <alignment: TeamB>) they completely ignore everything that isn't the player.


EDIT: OK so I removed Sixth's Bug Patch and Battle Royal Bug Patch...and now alignment works. That's unfortunate. Hopefully someone will find a way to fix that issue.


EDIT 2: OK I don't know a single thing about ruby, but when I commented this section out from Sixth's original bug fix:


unless $imported && $imported["SixthABSBattleRoyale"]
    def apply_self_effect(target, pop=true)
      target.battler.item_apply(@user.battler, @item)
      target.animation_id = animation
      @destroy_it = true

    def update_damage
      if @user.battler.is_a?(Game_Actor)
        apply_damageto_enemy unless @tool_reverse_target
        if @tool_selfdamage || @tool_reverse_target
          apply_damageto_followers unless @ignore_followers
      elsif @user.battler.is_a?(Game_Enemy)
        if $game_player.normal_walk? && !@tool_reverse_target
          apply_damageto_followers unless @ignore_followers
        apply_damageto_enemy if @tool_selfdamage || @tool_reverse_target


and this section of the Battle Royale bug patch, enemies could damage allies again:


  def update_damage
    if @user.battler.is_a?(Game_Actor) or
    (@user.battler.is_a?(Game_Enemy) && @user.ally?)
      apply_damageto_enemy unless @tool_reverse_target
      if @tool_selfdamage || @tool_reverse_target
        apply_damageto_followers unless @ignore_followers
    elsif @user.battler.is_a?(Game_Enemy) && !@user.ally?
      if $game_player.normal_walk? && !@tool_reverse_target
        apply_damageto_followers unless @ignore_followers
      apply_damageto_enemy if @tool_selfdamage || @tool_reverse_target


Not sure what the consequences of removing this are. The whole thing is likely a misunderstanding on my part, but hopefully this will at least narrow down the problem.

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Added info

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Hey, I'm hoping anyone can help me.

I'm using this script but also Galv's character animations and when my followers go to attack, their walking animation is their idle. So essentially, they're not moving. There is no issue with the first player, just followers.

If possible, I'd like to be able to choose a specific portion of a sprite sheet and have that be the walking animation when the follower key is activated. I've looked through the script but can't seem to figure out how it pulls the follower graphic. It seems to have it automatically set to the first set of the sprite sheet and I just want it to use the 2nd set. 

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Does anyone know how to fix the trough problem? If Trough = false, then I can no longer hit any enemies. Does anyone have an elegant solution for it?

I have tried this:  https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/32318-through-projectile-collision-fix-for-falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-v3/
Was not that good ...


Here a very good Solution. Thx Sixth.


Best Regards


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Another question. I'm using Sixth's 2nd plugin and I'm trying to use one of the commands:




it works fine...until event 36 dies. At this point, the Ally/Enemy should focus on something else. Instead they just run around randomly. Is there a way to fix this?

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Hello everyone,
 I really liked the script more or less understood, 
but do I have a question for the guys. 
Is it possible to make so that the type of weapon during attacks took the icon from the iconset
 standard graphics in the demo a little and it is very frustrating


Sorry for may english, its google translite

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erros word

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On 8/2/2015 at 6:32 AM, Sixth said:

Okay, I extracted all my fixes/changes into a patch, so here it is:


  Reveal hidden contents



# * [ACE] Bug Fixes for Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3
# * Made by: Sixth (www.rpgmakervxace.net, www.forums.rpgmakerweb.com)
# * Version: 2.2
# * Updated: 08/01/2017
# * Requires: Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3
# * < Change Log >
# * Version 1.0 (01/08/2015)
#   - Initial release.
# * Version 1.1 (08/08/2015)
#   - Added settings to enable/disable the regen popups at will.
#     Cut-scenes just don't look nice while random numbers are on the screen...
#   - Added global cooldown note-tags for items.
#     You can now prevent the player from executing multiple tools at the same
#     time, so no more shooting fireballs and swinging your sword around while
#     drinking a potion, those times are over!
# * Version 1.2 (27/08/2015)
#   - Added in the boss HP bar hiding feature.
#     You can now manually hide the HP bar of bosses anytime with eventing.
#   - Restored KO effect by slip damage.
# * Version 1.3 (28/08/2015)
#   - Fixed an issue with the enemy auto-turn on casting feature.
#     Weapon and armor tools should no longer crash the game.
#   - Added in thanasulas's fix for the combo delay issue.
#   - I kinda missed the confusion state from this ABS, so...
#     Added a way to make confusion states possible in the ABS.
#     A character inflicted with confusion will get it's directions messed up!
#     This feature is optional, and configurable.
# * Version 1.4 (02/09/2015)
#   - Fixed damage reduction on guarding. Damage will only be reduced if the
#     shield's user is facing towards the incoming tool attack.
#     The guarding state must be the default one (state 9) for this to work!
#   - Guarding did not work properly against tools with bigger sizes.
#     This is now fixed as well.
#   - Added a script call for changing the HP of the enemies manually.
#   - Added a note-tag that lets you make tools with "irregular" sizes.
#     This means that you are not limited to make tools with the same width and
#     height anymore. You can make a tool with 8 width and 1 height if you want,
#     for example (firewall, anyone?).
#   - Added a note-tag for reversing the targets of a tool. Since tools which
#     target allies work differently than tools which target enemies, it was not
#     possible to make a "Healing Glyph" skill, for example, without it healing
#     the enemies as well as the party members in range. Now you can make tools
#     like that and make them only affect the party/enemies, not both.
#   - Changed the way the effect of the tools are triggered. Turns out I did
#     this long time ago, and forgot about it. This resulted in me giving out
#     wrong advice on the forums. Now you can manipulate how many times a tool
#     hits the target(s) by adjusting it's effect and destroy delay properly.
#     For example, if you set the effect delay to 60, the tool would trigger
#     it's effect in every 60 seconds but only if the tool is not yet destroyed
#     (so the tool's destroy delay must be at least 2x more + 2 than the effect
#     delay to make a 2-hit tool, or it must be at least 3x more + 3 to make a
#     3-hit tool, and so on)!
#   - By default, tools are destroyed immediately when the target guards it
#     completely ("Guard" text pops up). There are some tools which would not
#     work like this (Healing Glyph, Firewall, etc). Now you can note-tag your
#     tools to prevent their destruction when the target guards them.
#   - By default, all of the tools can be guarded, be it a restorative one or
#     an offensive one. You can note-tag any tools to make them ignore guarding.
#   - By default, if the target is hit by an offensive tool, the target gets a
#     20 frames long invincibility effect (can not be hit with any other tool
#     for 20 frames). If the target is hit by multiple tools at the same time,
#     it is possible that only one of them will trigger it's effect, and I did
#     not like it this way. Also, since I changed the way when the effects are
#     triggered, this function is not really needed anymore, so I added an
#     option to completely remove it. This is an optional feature.
# * Version 1.5 (04/09/2015)
#   - Made the new effect trigger feature an optional one.
#     Now you can use a note-tag to use my new effect trigger type.
#     Tools without that note-tag will behave the default way.
#   - Made another optional note-tag to set the invincible time of the targets
#     on a per tool basis instead of a global time for all tools.
#     You can set the default invincible time in the settings, and if you omit
#     the note-tag for this, that value will be loaded by default.
#   - Enemy sensors did not reset after a map change. This resulted in every
#     enemy in the range of the player when the map transfer took place
#     instantly become active after returning to the map at any later point,
#     regardless if the enemies were in range after a map reset or not.
#     This should be fixed now.
# * Version 1.6 (05/10/2015)
#   - Enemy sensors were turned ON/OFF even for dead enemies.
#     This is not the case anymore.
#     This might increase performance if you have a lot of enemies on a map.
#   - Calling the tool/character selection menu was possible even when the
#     interpreter was running (during non-parallel events). This is fixed.
#   - Triggering a tool was possible even when the interpreter was running
#     (during non-parallel events). This is fixed.
#   - Added a switch setting to enable/disable the ABS tool triggers without
#     hiding the HUD.
#   - Added an experimental reflect feature. You can use it just like the normal
#     reflect feature, just add MRF to your actors/enemies/equips/etc in the
#     database. You can set which tools ignore the reflect state with a note-tag.
# * Version 1.7 (06/05/2016)
#   - Added compatibility for Pikakapi's Battle Royale Addon.
#   - Fixed dual wield issues on tool usage. From now on, it will use the
#     correct tool type for dual wielding actors (meaning weapon tools and not
#     armor tools).
#   - It was not possible to equip weapons on the second tool slot from the
#     quick tool menu Falcao made. That is now fixed. It will check the actor's
#     second equip slot to determine if it should include weapons or armors on
#     the tool list. This is kinda necessary for the actors with dual wield
#     features.
#   - Now you can unequip any tool from the quick tool menu by pressing it's
#     hotkey in the menu. It was not possible to do this before.
# * Version 1.8 (06/05/2016)
#   - Actors couldn't be equipped with any skills gained from equipment, state,
#     class or actor features with the 'set_skill' script call. Fixed it.
# * Version 1.9 (01/07/2016)
#   - The characters will now be considered to be "acting" even if they guard.
#   - Added a compatibility patch for my Equip Engine. That is a private script,
#     so, if you are not me or the owner of that script, you don't have to worry
#     about this!
# * Version 2.0 (22/07/2016)
#   - When used ally targeting items, the effect was based on the targets'
#     parameters instead of the user's parameters like it should be.
#     This is now fixed.
#   - Added a compatibility patch for my ABS Battle Royale script.
#     This is a private script, so if you are not me or the owner of that
#     script, you don't have to worry about this one!
# * Version 2.1 (03/08/2016)
#   - Defeated enemy events did not reset their passive state.
#     This is now fixed.
# * Version 2.2 (08/01/2017)
#   - Fixed a crash issue for enemies with the "Enemy Die Self Switch = x"
#     note-tag.
#   - Fixed drop items not showing up when using the above mentioned note-tag
#     on an enemy.
# * < Description >
# * This script fixes several bugs/weird behaviours found in Falcao's ABS.
#   These bugs include:
#   - The cooldown of the tools are updated even in the menu(s). Fixed.
#   - The player is able to change tools on cooldown. Fixed.
#   - The player is able to equip the same items/skills more than one time.
#     Fixed. Even if this is not a real thing which needed a fix, it was
#     necessary for the previous fix to work.
#   - The animation frames on iconset animation are wrong when the player faces
#     down. Fixed.
#   - The dead icon sprites above dead party members are not disposed upon a 
#     map change. Fixed.
#   - The boss bar will not get disposed upon a map change. Fixed.
#   - The HP/MP/TP regen features are only working if these features are gained
#     with a state. Actor, class, equipment regen features aren't working. Fixed.
#   - HP/MP/TP regen states restore/damage the player in completely random 
#     time intervals. Fixed. All regen effects will be executed in every second
#     from now on, instead of randomly triggering.
#   - Characters are able to move around freely even when they are in the middle
#     of casting. Fixed. This fix can be disabled at will.
#   - Even if you disable the player's movement on casting, you can still allow
#     the player to change directions during casting. This is not really a fix,
#     more like an optional feature which might come in handy if you disable
#     the player's movement during casting.
#   - It is not possible to disable a hotkey for a tool slot. Fixed. You can now
#     set 'nil' (without the apostrophes) for a tool's key setting to disable
#     that tool entirely. Note that it won't remove the visuals for the tool,
#     just restricts the usage of it!
#   - The player is able to trigger multiple tools at the same time. Fixed.
#     You need to tag your tools with the global cooldown note-tag for this!
#   - No way to implement any kind of confusion states. "Fixed".
#     Well, more like "added"... 
#   - Multiple issues are found with the guard feature. Fixed.
#   - Added a new, optional feature for inverting the scope of the tools.
#   - Added a new, optional feature for more freedom in creating tool sizes
#     with different width and height.
# * < Installation >
# * Place this script below all of Falcao's ABS scripts but above Main!
# * If you are using my Stat Bonus Addon for Falcao's ABS, you must put this
#   script below that one!
# * If you are using Pikakapi's Battle Royale Addon, this must be below that,
#   and the Battle Royale Compatibility Patch must be below this script!
# * < Compatibility Info >
# * No known incompatibilities.
# * < Known Issues >
# * No known issues.
# * < Terms of Use >
# * Free to use for whatever purposes you want.
# * Credit me (Sixth) in your game, pretty please! 
# * Posting modified versions of this script is allowed as long as you notice me
#   about it with a link to it!

- Script:

From now on, you can get the most recent version here:


Current version is 2.2!



Just put it below all of Falcao's ABS scripts and the fixes will take over. :P

You can set up some behaviors regarding the usage of tools with cast times in the script settings too, if you want.

I did not test this patch in a fresh demo, so there might be issues (my ABS version is heavily edited, like reaaaaly heavily :D). If you happen to find any, report them and I will try to solve them.


I also made a basic AI module for enemies, which makes it possible to set up a group of tools used by the enemy. You can set the percentages of usage for each tool in the group, and you can also set HP rate threshold settings for your groups too (so, if you want, the enemy will only use a set of tools if it's HP is below 30%, etc). You can even mix tool types with the mixed group settings, so an enemy can randomly choose from 2 skill type tools, 1 weapon type tool, and 1 item type tool too.

This way you can set up your enemy AIs faster and without a single switch used (which you would use for HP thresholds normally). Also there is no need to clutter your movement settings with dozens of 'use_tool()' script calls and repeated movement routes, since the AI module will select the tools "intelligently" (well, as long as you set your group up intelligently, that is :P).

I will post this on the other site where all my scripts are posted, if anyone is interested, since it's an actual add-on, and not a bug fixing patch.

i have a problem with this script 0-o)? when i plug this script to my project, the character cannot use  all of the Pearl Skillbar. 

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I love this ABS script. 

I've been using it in my game and learned a lot about using scripts and how to adjust them to my needs.  Recently I've gotten stuck with a condition I need for one of my characters.

The character uses a item in combat, as a result the item goes to a dormant state until the player restores the power.  I've decided to make two item ids one for the usable item and one for the dormant item, both have different icons and common events attached.  It works the way I need it.

So the problem is I have two item slots on the skill bar, I need a conditional branch or script that specifies if the item is assigned to item slot 1 or item slot 2.

I do need both slots available so I can't simply lock out the second slot.


 I'd appreciate it if anyone is able to help me out.  😀


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I will try and summon Sixth!
I have the right ingredients and the summoning circle to summon him.. I hope...
Come forth Sixth! I need your help!
By fixing your "Battle Royale + Sixth's ABS Bugfixes Patch" Please!

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