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Skill Ideas you can do with Custom Formula

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Is there any way to check if a target is an ally or not? I'd like a skill that applies a status and deals damage, but only applies damage if the target is an enemy.

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This should be an easy one but it doesn't seem to work. I'm trying to make a skill that makes the user's hp and max hp equal to that of the opponent. But the formula I wrote:




Doesn't seem to work at all.

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Hey guys! I have reached as far as I can on my own. I made a skill that that randomizes a skill to be used on the target choosen.


This is how it was set up to function properly:


class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base

  alias rearrange_invoke_item invoke_item

  def invoke_item(target, item)

    @subject.last_target_index = target.index

    rearrange_invoke_item(target, item)






class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase

  attr_accessor :cookie

  def random_cookie(skill_id, target)

    cookie = Game_Action.new(self, true)


    if target == 0

      cookie.target_index = last_target_index







# And used the formula:

n=51+rand(2);a.random_cookie(n, 0)



It kinda works but here is what happens:

  • - Eric uses Random Cookie

    - Slime A took no damage!

    - Eric uses Fire

    - Slime A took 161 damage!


    How do I make the red message disappear?


  • When it uses Fire it also subtracts its cost. Is there a way to make it not do that?


    I could always make a "free" copy of the random skills but it feels kind of clunky <.<

EDIT: Don't know why my post is f-ing up :blink: It got normal now... wierd :wacko: Edited by Cookie Ninja

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