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Terrible Witch v.1.0 (Complete Game)

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DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqqz0heyf76cpyl/TWnoRTPv2.0.exe

Genre: Light-Hearted RPG

Average Game Time: Maybe 5+ Hours depending on side quests and light grinding.



The Champion of the Universe is bored again and it is up to his children Mara and Tint to entertain him. Mara, with her beautiful creation abilities, and Tint, with her superb story telling, team up to retell an old favorite story of God's. Will he be pleased? The Terrible Witch is at it again. She causes so much drama in our community and she must be stopped! The last party to defeat her never completed their task. It is up to Franklyn and many unlikely heroes to venture to the Terrible Witch and stop her once and for all. On his journey, he will have the choice to recruit tons of able fighters, but he will need to learn to protect those he keeps. This isn't a fairytale; if a character dies in battle, don't expect them to come back to life.




The game is driven by character customization, unique plot, battle strategy, the beautiful world, and unexpected humor! Over the course of the game, you can recruit many allies with different stats. Some stat differences are minor but make all the difference. You can equip any item to whoever you want. You can have anybody learn a spell. So, you can shape your characters to fit your playing style, not to mention the many 'vessels' you can mold to your approval. The game requires some light grinding and strategic thinking. If a characters dies and isn't revived, they die forever. If the main character dies in battle and you finish the battle, he should revive with 1 hp. Take care of who you recruit and see how far you can get.

The setting is Mara's visual representation of Tint's story. A small world quickly created; its sole purpose to please God. With that said, the world has four major towns, and tons of puzzling dungeons. Allies are at every part of the world, and tons of enemies dwell all over! Somewhere on the planet is an evil witch!

The end of the game is very satisfying as you get closure for the game as well as a Trophy Room where you can see where all of your characters end up. This is where you can take a snapshot of your achievements for others to see and even hear some of the Custom Music I wrote for the game.




A young warrior who is told to embark on a quest to kill the evil witch! With his charm and stubborn attitude, he's probably the perfect guy for the quest. Franklyn is built to be an all around character.

His Allies (all allies are optional!):

Bio: The Mayor's spontaneous daughter. She wishes to journey outside of the neighborhood to catch a little bit of the outside world. An all-around character with some good magic abilities.

Bio: A wandering mercenary who seemingly just got dumped by his girlfriend. No matter, if you pay him, he'll join you! He's good in any field you put him in, but keep in mind his excellent agility!

And thirteen more characters that you may find on your journey! No need to spoil anything.

Monsters dwell all over the place! But there are many crazy people trying to stop Franklyn from killing the Witch. And even some unexpected enemies may cause Franklyn a bit of trouble.

Screenshots: http://postimg.org/image/gj5uqsf5r/

Casper667 from http://www.caspergaming.com for a "recover on level up" script.
Yanfly for Enemy HP Bars, Shop window, Menus, Party windows and battle engine.
Thalzon for his cool monsters!
My own music :3 along with default music and Final Fantasy X, VII and Tales of Final boss music used for bosses and such.
Victor Sant for his engine but mostly his followers script
Fomar0153 for his Custom Accessory Script
Mr. Bubble for his Autolife

~16 customizable party members
~A seemingly simple story line with a twisted ending.
~Tons of Equipment and Spell options to help shape your own battle strategies.
~A game created by one person with the help of some cool scripts and images.
~Mostly RTP manipulated into a lovely game
~Achievement Map at the end including aftermaths for every character based on how you helped them
~Very light-hearted and tons of fun!


DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqqz0heyf76cpyl/TWnoRTPv2.0.exe


please download and offer suggestions and comments because I would like to start a new project soon and I would like to know what I need to fix for future projects!





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Oh how rude of me... :unsure: I think your game is really nice. 



I just think that getting  Cassie is to easy all the other npc's I have seen seem to have a better reason while as Cassie seems just a random  tag along whp came along for absolutely no reason... :huh:

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I guess I could have answered you on this topic haha!
I sent you a message with how I did it, but if anyone else was wondering, I just used a few conditional branches haha.

Also, I will definitely consider making it tougher to recruit Cassie. At first she was meant to be a bit of a freebie, but now that the game is easier, I can make it a bit more balanced! Thanks for that input, it didn't cross my mind until you mentioned it!


For everyone else that is playing my game, let me know if you have any feedback or critique or questions because I'll be glad to hear from you.


And Happy Holidays!

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Hi everyone!

I posted this kind of a while ago at a bad time, I was hoping more people would play this and give some feedback or critique.


It's pretty great and I spent a lot of time on it! The concept is very light and I want to know what I did well when I made it and what I could work on!


Thanks and happy New Year!

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been liking it so far. Like the simplicity and sense of humor. I'll post more once i play more, but bravo so far. I suck at map making...i wish i knew how, lol i would

love to write a good story!



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I'm at the last boss right now. That


is kicking my ass. But the game is awesome. It reminds me a bit of Chrono Cross with the amount of characters you can recruit, and I've always liked the concept of permanent death. I won't lie though -- I almost didn't play this; your post here just doesn't hook me at all, the screenshots you posted are crappy and the game's early presentation is lackluster at best (misplaced commas, a grammatical error in THE VERY FIRST TEXT WE SEE [seeked is not a word--you're thinking "sought"], etc.)


That being said, I've thoroughly enjoyed the game despite its flaws. I love the FF1-style MP, the consummable magic and the amount of customization you can do with each character. I think you could do away with Class names--leave 'em blank (Does Ace allow that? Not sure...) since every character is customizable anyway, aside from a few kinks. Plus, the Class names you do have are kind of awkward.


I enjoy the game's level of difficulty--not too easy, not too hard, but just about right. I did get my butt kicked in my first playthrough though...botched it by never recruiting Cassie and Louis (didn't see 'em) and losing the first person who joins you, so I had to start all over. Up until the final boss, I have a team of five. Quite a few casualties; too long until the first stimulant :P


One thing that bugged me was how inconsequential in-game character deaths seem in the game. The first thing that


tells you is to

take care of her sister


Amanda's mom

pretty much threatens you into taking care of her daughter, yet if she dies during battle, their reactions are...bleh at best. The game is already fine as it is, but adding some events to make in-game character deaths more impactful would make it that much better. As it is, it's a neat game feature, but it really doesn't feel like it's really come together. I know the characters' fates figure into the ending (or so you've implied), but still.


So far my game has been around five hours (minus the ending which I've yet to achieve), if you're looking for game-time feedback.


Good job man. The game looked shoddy as hell in the beginning (IMO) but it turned out to be one of the best I've played form this community. Very addicting, and the length is just about right. I'd play just about anything you turned out after this one, flaws and all! :D


P.S. Why don't I recognize the screenshots in your OP?

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i have to admit that i was on the edge about this game after reading the first post, but i will say now that i'm truly enjoying thsi indie piece! you've done a good job, however i'm having a lot of trouble with the switches in the ice temple. i'm getting extremely annoyed by the amount of battles i'm forced to endure while trying to find the right combination of switches. it's almost enough to steer me from continuing...other than that, good game here.

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I'm playing it right now... I'm at




right now


OMFG The final part left me speechless... And I was like "Okay we are playing another RTP game"...


Btw am I the only one who lost on the final boss...?




OMG god help me!!!!!!





If only there was an item that prevents sleep... My GOD!!!

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Hello guys!

I realize this is a big bump. I just wanted to thank everyone that posted here! I'm glad you liked my game!

Hopefully this summer I can start another project with a more smooth story (like a real story) with similiar elements to this game.

It was a blast making the game and it's even more of blast to see that people like it!

I hope I can come back and fix my game up even more. I hope beating the game is satisfying.

To those of you who can't beat the final boss :


Before you enter the final forest, go to the bottom right corner of Blessing. You can open the gate with the stone you find after the temple.

Also, before the witch, you'll be able to transport back to the first town. Go into the forest and head into the area that used to be blocked by a knight!


This will help you kill the final boss with more grinding and new spells.



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Hi msbd23 !


So I gave it a try and it was quite enjoyable.

In the beginning of the game I was afraid it would be an "attack" command spam all along, but somehow the last part (Blessing and on) made me use spells (especially buff) in every single battle.


A few remark from my playthrough:



First off, this is my "achievement" map screen.




• I didn't expect the icicle temple to be inaccessible afterwards and hadn't saved in a while so I found the girl trapped in ice but didn't have the chance to figure out what to do as I entered the boss room during my exploration and it locked me out of any possibility to explore the temple further.


• I was interested in having the girl from the pub in Thomastown join me but couldn't find how to do so. I talked to the guy in front of her and to her multiple times at several points in the game but there were no change. I think I spoke to all the NPC in this town at some point and looking back at it, I can't see what I could possibly have missed.


• I went to the place in the woods, there was a black square in the courtyard but no interaction. Is that normal ?

Also this place is simply here for grinding purpose ? I unlocked all treasure chest and all, but from what the woman who directed me here said, I was expecting to re encounter the Prince or at least some sort of boss, but I didn't. Did I miss something ?


• Is there a way to have both twins join the party ? I am confused from the fact that they both appear on the achievement map separately. I must say I didn't expect it to be so I never bothered going back there to check if there were new options.




Anyway. I had a few hours to kill and It did the job quite well !

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Edited the first post with new Updates,


Please try out my game! It's awesome! Everyone that has played it, liked it! So try it out!


A bit late for me to reply, but please be mindful of the rules when it comes to providing updates:




You may bump your topic only if it contains a significant update. You must detail what has changed in both the main post as well as in the bumped post. Simply asking for people to revisit the main post and not state what has changed is not enough.

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Wowie! Thank you for playing it and COMPLETING ITT!!!!!

I'm sorry you had trouble getting Tiffy to join you... and it was probably real tricky!

Buy an elixir from the Bar maid and you can give it to Tiffy! It'll make her join you haha.

There's no way right now to have both Twins. But while i was typing up why that would be a problem, I think I figured out a way to add the second twin to the party without messing up any eventing. I dunno if it's necessary to do that though, I should move on to another game I think. I like it this way that way you can show ppl which twin you picked <3



You missed one more character!

Brant is passed out in Blessing in the snow at some point, see if you can find him! He isn't affected by status effects!



I see you don't have The Prince's statue lit up!


ahhh I just read your bullet about that. Flip some switches in the temple, one of them will open up a staircase. There's a Switch puzzle inside the temple. But if you don't care to, the Prince gives you another "Unleash the Dragon", an item(not equipment) that +1's everything for a character, and a spell that casts auto-life!


What was your strategy against the final Boss?! Personally, I need that spell if I'm fighting the boss.




You're the first person to ever finish it and tell me :) I'm so glad you liked it and good for you that you beat the final boss! Some ppl think the dragon is the last boss :)



If you have anything else you want to share with me, I am really looking forward to making a new game maybe similar to this one but with more improvements. If you want to message me, let me know what you liked overall, what i need to work on, and what this game lacked, whatever you like. But I super appreciate that you completed the game in the first place! I'm so proud of you! haha





Sorry I didn't make clear what was updated:



I added two new characters, lots of new items, now you can have a second accessory, just a lot of stuff that I fixed from the first version!

I'm so happy with this version that I think I won't touch it anymore haha :)



If anyone is willing to give me any more feedback so I can make my next game, let me know. I'm also interested in collaborating with anyone that is skilled at making original scripts, battle systems or maps. I feel like those are the fields that I am least effective in!


Have a great night!


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What was your strategy against the final Boss?! Personally, I need that spell if I'm fighting the boss.




I played with Darlene, Antoniero and Amanda. (In the final battle my 4 characters were lv 15 except Antoniero which was still 14)

Darlene was equipped with the Incredible Axe, Antoniero had the sword from the very last fight before God + Incredible crossbow, that made him hit hard and always be first to act.

All my character had Platform, Wall, Raise, Wring and Grant as a base. Amanda had all the offensive spell I found/bought.

Only bought the MP veggie and boosted Antoniero ('cause his 1 MP max was kind of complicated to associate with the spells I mentioned ! ;) ) Darlene and Amanda.

Surge on all character.


In battle I would keep Wall and Platform up at all time.

With Amanda I had some sorts of priorities like:

- If people were low on PV: Pray (with her stats it healed enough to have my character from low to full HP so I rarely used Grant with her)

- If a buff is wearing off, have her recast said buff.

- If MP is < to half use surge

- Otherwise Glyph or Vehement depending of how high her MP were.


For my melee guys (and girl!):

- If situation is critical have Antoneiro cast a heal or buff as he was always first to act.

- If MP < half, use surge

- If enough TP and Platform buff is on -> Dragon Pummel/Unleash the Dragon

- Otherwise attack to build TP


Amanda died a few times (lowest PV) and I had to raise, heal and rebuff her urgently every time.


I had a anti-mute necklace on Amanda otherwise no status effect immunity of any kind.


I made the mistake to learn Unleash the dragon with Franklyn while he ended up being a jack of all trade rather than the punching machine I first intended him to be. Antoniero was squishy but was clearly attacking the hardest (glad I invested some time in leveling him). Darlene became quite strong too with the Axe in late game, before that she was just the indestructible character that would take close to no damage no matter what.



If I had a few critics to make:

I didn't even try some characters because they joined too low level and it's really hard to know what their shining point swill be. Antoniero I thought would be worthwhile no matter what because of the dual wielding. Maybe have them closer to your level when they join you ?

While it's interesting that they all come kind of blank and you can make them what you want by choosing their skills/magic, I think sometimes they lacked some sort of uniqueness.


For your next game:

I think you should improve on some character interaction. I liked the idea to have the possibility to speak with your party at inn/pub and that some characters seemed to create some bonds (Antoniero being interested in Darlene, Harding sharing the stimulant with I-don't-remember-who to mass product it, etc...) but it was a shy feature imho. More dialogues (and more spread out, not almost only on key events) would be nice. Not mandatory ones, but to have the possibility if you want to explore the characters background.


What I would want to find again:

- Keep the challenging battles, your final bosses were quite nice and had me on the verge of losing several times. I liked that a lot.

- Keep the wide cast of characters if possible, I think it was a nice idea, I could really chose which character I wanted to use among a wide and continuously expanding cast.

- The discreet side quests, like the skulls, the girl which you need to speak at lv 10 for the armband and the girl in front which wanted the item from icicle temple. More of this, and on a more regular basis (like 1-2 by town/step in the adventure). That reminds me that I actually never found a cape to trade with the other guy !

- Keep the number low. I liked how 1 single MP had its weight in battle. I don't understand why many games have MP pool in the hundred when the lowest spell cost like 6 MP. Made every improvement in this department worth to consider (equipping a rod, using a veggie).


That's from my point of view of course.


You could always improve on visuals of course. But that would not be the top priority to me. If sticking to RTP allows you to make the most out of the rest, then I am all for it.


Otherwise, I might give it another go.

Not right away cause I won't have the free time necessary any time soon, but yeah, I might try to explore icicle temple and have the characters I missed join me this time.

I might even take the time to have 4 characters killed to get the guy from the fire mountain !

And I am kind of frustrated to know that I just failed to complete the wood temple properly. I really thought I had done everything there was to do there since I had all the treasure chests (at least all that I saw). So I might aim to redo that better as well.

Edited by Tako Ou

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This is a pretty solid game. I finished it and I had some fun playing it.


The story is good and straightforward. With a short game like this, there's no need to make the story more complicated and that's exactly what this game is.


The battle system could use more flexibility. I ended up with everyone equipped with a sword as magic atk spells didn't seem worth the mana. I used it more for healing the entire game


I kinda didn't like the fact that it's impossible to tell how each character will level up along the way. I had one character who I buffed up only to end up with her only having 1MP the entire game rendering the spells I added to her useless.


The game also felt like it was stingy with exp but this might be just a personal thing.


Some characters could use more unique personalities as weill but I understand that this is a free game so you may do that if you do a game with commercial release.


Overall, not a bad game at all!  Bravo! :D

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The level cap is still lvl 15. there are few changes to the game including more weapon options, accessories, and items. Characters can now equip two accessories. Two new characters.The Ruins in the forest is now available, a great place to grind. And a new Trophy section. I don't know which version you played, but I believe that the final boss is beatable especially with the new additions.

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