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Real Time Effects

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This script replicates the time system from pokemon,
e.g in game time is determined by real life time.

This script enables screen tint changes according to real time,
not only that is can change weather effects, $game_switches, $game_variables,
trigger common events and even your own custom "time" effects.
You can set up different seasons (as many as you want)
You can give each month its own unique season if you wish, turning on
different swicthes and controling different variables on a month to month

now you can simply control a switch / a variable / the weather / Screen Tint
and whatever else you can code in realtime with minimal effort.

Khas Awesome Light Effects,(change advanced lighting effects using real time)
MOG Weather EX, (change mog weather effects using real time)


other features will be available with the use of other pokemon style scripts
e.g Capture add-on : Pokeball Effects ^_^


How to Use
Full instructions are in the script



Credit and Thanks
- Dekita/Dekita-RPG

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Awesome! Finally, I can make it during christmas, at the main character's home, Santa appears holding gifts, and the main character can steal em! :3.

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lol, well thats one thing you could do i suppose. i had santa walking on peoples rooftops on christmas eve up untill midnight :0

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Tried adding it in, but everything is gray o.O
no clock or anything shows up. 

I put the script in the editor in the right place, but is there a script call I need to do?
Sorry for these lame questions, I'm a noob at putting in scripts.

Edited by SpookyHollows

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