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      IMPORTANT PLEASE READ   07/19/2017

      Make sure you read the Rules and Guidelines to ensure your game meets the requirements. Failure to meet these requirements means your game will not be approved.

Submission Blueprint

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Please submit your game using the following template. 


Tags: Tags are required when submitting your game so we know what game editor it is for and where to move the project. When submitting your game, add the maker and indicate if it is a complete game or in progress.



​Game Title:


Abstract: A brief summary of your game in just a few words.
Genre: Is your game fantasy, science fiction, horror? RPG, side-scroller, puzzler?
Game Progression: How far along are you with the game; when can people expect the completed game.
Recruitment: What areas are you recruiting for, if any. All correspondence must be handled through pm.

If you include a Demo. please indicate the average demo time: This helps the player to decide what to play and when. For example, a player may not have time to play a 15+ hour game at the moment, but they may be able to schedule in some time next week; whereas a 2+ hour game may fit into their schedule right now.
Story / Setting / Purpose:
*Describe the story and setting of your game in as much detail as possible.
*If your game does not feature a traditional story or setting, then explain the premise behind the game and the goals the player must achieve.
Character Bios:
*A list of the main characters that will be featured in the game, including a brief summary about them.
*If your game does not feature any characters (other than player interaction), then please state this.
*This is not an option, they need to be added. This includes anything (scripts, artwork, audio, tilesets, sprites, etc) that you are adding to your game.
*Unless terms of that website allow you to do so, it is not enough to simply state the website name. You must include the names of whose resources you are using.
*If you are not using resources outside of your own or what is provided by default in the RTP, please state this.
*A minimum of 3 screenshots is required.
*This is optional, but it does help to make your game stand out if you have something unique compared to other projects.
*A download link to your game's demo is required.
Known Issues:
*Are there any issues with the game? Bugs that we must be aware of?

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